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Group 3's Ecology Project

Interview Page

Interview Page
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Introduced Species Into North America
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          After interviewing five faculty members and five students about the environment our group concluded that most students and teachers have the same opinions about the environment. The issues that were most important to the students and faculty were the limited natural resources, recycling, and the changing environment.

          Many of the students that were interviewed feel that the environment can be kept clean if people start to do a better job recycling. In regards to a question about the schools role to help the environment, Mike Pinciaro replied, "Keep kids well educated about recycling." Many of the teachers agreed with this and had very similar ideas. The students and teachers also had similar issues about the country's role in helping the environment, as their main issues were about people recycling and keeping the environment clean.

          Secondly, the students and faculty have similar ideas about the natural recourses in the world. Most students and faculty believe that the most important natural resource on the planet is water. However, they are worried about some of the fossil fuels on the planet including oil and coal, but they have alternative fossil fuels that can be used to replace oil and coal and the most common stated was solar power.

          Thirdly, the students and the faculty had very similar ideas in regards to the environment changing. Our group found from the interviews that it is absolutely necessary to keep biodiversity, as Mr. Vasta exclaimed, "YES, it is very important to keep biodiversity on our planet!" Our group also received similar results when we asked the students and faculty, how species were becoming extinct. One of the teachers said species were becoming extinct because, natural occurrences and the effects of pollution. This was similar to the student, who said species were becoming extinct because of storms.

          It is quite obvious to conclude that the students and faculty have similar ideas about the environment. However, the ten people we interviewed said that everybody on the planet could do a better job in helping the environment to keep clean. In conclusion, it is very important for humans to recycle and to reduce pollution to keep our environment clean and friendly.